A Year of Mourning

It is with the greatest of sorrows that we write to you today. Our kingdom has lost its father, and we weep deeply for him and for our country.

He was not only a king but truly the head of our families. He loved us all most sincerely and devoted his life to serving us and our nation.


On the passing of a loved one, it is our custom to recite the psalms until the burial service. We will be reciting the psalter daily until our father is put to rest.

We call on all people of good will to join us in doing so. Whether it is one psalm per day or the entire psalter, please join us in these prayers for King Rama IX, our beloved father.

14724001_10100270220288285_9887125_oMeanwhile, we will begin preparing a memorial service as well. Please check back in later on for more details.