Prayer in Photos


Thank you to all for coming to our first ever Greek Catholic service in Thailand! Seven of us (from Thailand, the Philippines, and the US) joined together in prayer, thanking Christ for the many gifts bestowed upon us.


With the help of a new member, we began the afternoon with a brief explanation of the icons at the front of the church. As well, we had a brief talk about the service: the Akathist of Thanksgiving.


Thereafter, we prayed the akathist service together. Everyone joined in and sang many words of thanks to Christ. We sang and prayed in English, Thai, and Tagalog.


When the service ended, the members came forward to kiss and venerate the icons (holy pictures) of Christ and of the Most Holy Theotokos (Mary).


We concluded the day with a meeting and snacks. Thank you again to all who came, participated, and prayed with us. (And a special thanks to those taking the photos!)

Our next service and meeting will be at the beginning of March. Please visit our blog again for updates.


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